Valentines Day

This show about Valentines Day was actually cut out from show #79. I did a separate intro and extro talked about my thoughts about V Day. I also have a new 10
Day Love Detox to share with you.

Seems a little crazy that over 2 years ago I have content to share with you.

I wouldn’t say it’s all that romantic, just remember this is my opinion which doesn’t mean it’s correct just mine.

I really think there is so much pressure around Valentines Day, I mean I know it’s the day of a love but when people can’t afford fancy gifts, or even flowers I think it’s easy to feel inadequate. Given there is so much pressure to spend money I think this ‘holiday’ could actually cause more stress than do good.

I also feel that we shouldn’t just share our love on one day of the year, it should be everyday which is what would make a relationship special

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there!

Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day from the beach!