EMB #181: Dealing with Controversy

Show Notes!

Dealing with controversy is a hot topic. We all deal with controversy on different levels. Some of us avoid dealing with controversy and don’t realize how much stress it causes. Some of us look for controversy and others aren’t sure what to when it arises. In this show I’m going to openly talk about controversy, how to deal with it and even suggestions on how to prevent.


Controversy – just on different levels

  • What brings up controversy/where does it come from
  • how to deal with controversy
  • How to address the stress it brings upon us
  • And even how to prevent it

We all deal with controversy – just on different levels

  • Work place
  • Home
  • Friends
  • Sports
  • Social media

Doesn’t matter where, it’s always here. I’m not sure we realize how much stress controversy puts on us.

When controversy arises

Where does it come from?

  • Misunderstandings
  • Lack of communication
  • Difference of opinion – there’s nothing wrong with diff of opinion


  • Try not to judge
  • Act irrational
  • Impulsive
  • Try to look from the other persons shoes – good intentions, may not have been said properly/come out properly

When controversy arises

Where is your focus?

  • Depression –mind set in the now, past or future?
  • We dwell on a thought emotion or memory
  • What words or part of the conversation or action is really bothering you
  • Don’t ignore pay attention

Squeaky Wheel

  • Old mind set
  • The loudest one gets the most attention
  • Why do we focus or pay more attention to what didn’t happen well instead of what did
  • Be thankful or grateful
  • Release anger


Wrap up

  • What is the controversy that causes stress in your life (don’t ignore it)
  • Communication is key
  • Where is your focus
  • Squeaky wheel
  • Find a way to move on, don’t keep it stored up, these stresses cause major dis-ease