EMB #178: Naturally Healed from Dis-ease 3

David Gaynor tells a gripping story of how he was Naturally Healed from Dis-ease through probiotics, enzymes, raw food, faith and a positive mind set. You may have first heard about David when I mentioned him on the Revitalize Conference show when I talked about incredible his story is. Well it’s been awhile but we finally got together and set up an appointment to have David on the show from his own perspective.

naturally healed from dis-ease

I’m only going to give you brief notes because what I write couldn’t compare to the way David tells his own story:

Show Notes:

  • David is the nephew of Lou Corona, who is and has been incredibly influential in the raw food movement. David decided to take his own path and not follow his family’s beliefs.
  • David wanted to take his own path in life, enlisted in the army and was later sent to Iraq.
  • After a year at war David battled a much different war with drugs, alcohol and food like substances (all in which he calls self medication) when get got home.
  • Eventually David was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.
  • After advice from his wife, uncle and family, David went against the council of conventional medicine and decided to take a more natural path.
  • David talks about how he used his family support, probiotics, enzymes, religion and raw food to eventually beat his tumor.

As I said up top, these show notes don’t come close to explaining the struggle David went through, how he was able to fight back and make lifestyle changes for not only himself but his family.

This story represents everything I believe about food. I believe food heals, food cures and food prevents and if we start changing our lifestyle around food we can find what true health really is.

And just a quick note to thank David for taking some time to join us on Exploring Mind and Body. He’s busy with the family company (Puradyme) helping improve lives in a sustainable manner. I actually had the pleasure of meeting a few of David’s family members at the Revitalize Conference and to be quite honest with you, I’m not sure if you’ll find a more welcoming group of people.

I wish you all the best David, your family and Puradyme, and I’ll look forward to working with you in the future.

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3 thoughts on “EMB #178: Naturally Healed from Dis-ease

  • Lori

    thank you for sharing your u incredible story, I have a pituitary tumor and I’m exhausted a lot of the time, I hope someday I will be able to tell a story of victory too!

    • Drew Taddia Post author

      Thanks for your comment Lori! I can’t wait to hear your success story. Please stay in touch and let us know how things go.