Be Careful for What You Wish for

In this post I talk about be careful for what you wish for because many times we have exactly what we want and aren’t able to appreciate it.

More times than not we have lovely homes, a wonderful family, a good job and nice car but we still want more. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with going after what you want out of life and I’m not saying there anything wrong with wanting more but I do think if we aren’t able to appreciate what we have then we’re missing out on a whole lot of happiness life has to offer.

In the show I also talk about the ‘side affects’ of having bigger and better things, like taxes on a big house, without privacy if you’re on the beach; insurance and others’ perspective with a fancy car. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you’re not ready for ‘bigger and better’ in life whatever comes your way that is ‘bigger and better will be hard to deal with.

be careful for what you wish for

In the show I talk about Julianne Moore’s speech was moving and how she didn’t talk about all the money she had, she talked about her family and friends and how they meant so much to her. I think we’re so interssted in rags to riches stories, we miss out on what those that have ‘a lot’ appreciate. Those with fame and money, more times than not recognize what’s close to them more than anything else.

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