EPISODE #156 Alkaline vs Acidic

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Ron Garner tonight on Exploring Mind and Body who was an absolute pleasure to have on the show!  Ron’s most recent book The Disease Free Revolution was going to be the main topic unit we realized how much information there is to share with all of you, so we decided to narrow down our topic.  Ron is going to share with us the difference between acidic and alkaline state in our bodies but before we get into too much detail here is a little more information about Ron:

Ron Garner (BEd, MSc) – Bio

• Is a health researcher, educator, and author. (Prior to retirement in 1976, he held senior
positions in public school district administration in Canada)

• Has written 4 books on Natural Health, beginning in 2001
o After the Doctors…What Can You Do?
o The 4 Keys to a Long Life
o Conscious Health – won the Nautilus Award in the US, as “The best health and
healing book for 2006”

• In mid-50s gave up on conventional medical and pharmaceutical remedies because they
were not correcting the causes of his health problems.
• Began researching and applying natural health solutions in his own search for health
• Now at age 76, is very active and enjoying some of the best health of his life
• Wants to share what he has discovered with others so they can escape the present
disease trap our society is in, and know that vibrant and long-lasting health is possible.

Alkaline vs Acidic

Alkaline vs acidic state with award winning author Ron Garner


Notable Notes:

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron in person, which is unlike many of my author interviews, and what a great guy. He really is; he’s written his books to improve others’ well being and it’s as simple as that.

A couple of my favorite parts about Ron’s presentation/book is first of all that, you shouldn’t expect your health decline as you get older, and that you should expect disease in your life.  I feel that so many of us are waiting for our health to decline as we age, we almost expect it. It’s hard no to believe this when you hear so many people say, “I’m getting too old for this”, which is one of my least favorite things to hear.

I hope you get a chance to pick up Ron’s book, it really will improve your life.

Ron Garner and myself talking about his new book Disease Free Revolution

Ron Garner and myself talking about his new book Disease Free Revolution

If you’d like to leave any comments down below, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your favorite natural health book?