EMB #158: Rawtarian

So every once in awhile I get the urge to try Raw food, recently I just came back from a health conference and some of the main topics were enyzymes so naturally raw food was often talked about.  So with my inspiration with raw food at it’s peak I look for some easy raw burger recipes and what website pops up….Rawtarian.

This isn’t the first time either. Not too long ago I would experiment with entire raw food days. I should note, this isn’t a far stretch because most of my meals throughout the day are raw to begin with. I wanted to know what my body would feel like with entire raw food days. I can’t say I’ve had huge successes with this. My meals rarely turn out, they seem to take a LONG time and I’m not exactly satisfied with my creation.

So after research, seeming endless hours of preparation and waiting, it doesn’t seem worth it.  I bring my experience up because I’m sure many others go through the same thing not only with raw food but with preparing healthy food in general. See the thing is, if you’re not used to preparing something it’s going to be slightly difficult until it gets easier.  This is one of the points Laura-Jane points out in the interview.

Before I get too in depth I’d like to share more information about Laura-Jane aka Rawtarian so you know who the interview is coming from:

Laura-Jane is the leading creator of simple, satisfying raw food recipes. She has her own podcast, is both a food blogger and speaker and has had her recipes featured in the huffington post.  She also shares over 100 free recipes on her main webpage Rawtarian.


Laura-Jane Rawtarian

Show Notes:

  • Rawtarian Laura-Jane opens the show by talking about how she began as a raw food, vegan. It all started with a 30 Day challenge which carried on from there.
  • Equipment is important if you want to be a rawtarian. Laura-Jane talks about a Blender, Food Processor and Dehydrator.

Our Rawtarian was gracious enough to share some incredibly wonderful links with us, the first one is a brownie recipe, full recipe click HERE.

brownies rawtarian

And the second one is a green smoothie, full recipe click HERE.

green smoothie rawtarian


Thank you

I just wanted to say a special thank you to Laura-Jane for coming on the show with me. She’s an incredibly delightful person, and I more than enjoyed our interview together. Thanks so much for your time and valuable information Ms. Rawtarian.

And thank you as well, for your interest in this Episode of Exploring Mind and Body. I hope this show takes you closer to becoming rawtarian yourself.

For more information on Laura-Jane you can check her facebook page, twitter and she even has her very own App, check it out!