EMB #154: Following Your Dreams

Following your dreams is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body because it seems like so many people are afraid to go after what they really want in life. I want to share this personal story with you because I feel so many are afraid to take a chance, they’re worried about what others will think, they’re worried about ‘not making it’, or simply failing when there is no reason to fear these things. I mean, excuse me while I contradict myself. Sure there’s fear but fear makes you alive it awakens your soul, it gives you a reason to be alert and awake and be on the edge of your seat. And I don’t mean any actual danger here, I mean what would be success without failure. Think about that, what if there was no real chance of you failing, wouldn’t life be boring? Have you ever played any type of competition where you won over and over again and the games weren’t even close? That’s not fun and neither is life if you’re too afraid to experience, follow your dreams, feel defeat and anguish and what it’s like to take a step back.

We all have the opportunity to live the life of our dreams, we all have choices every single day. It’s up to us to take a leap of faith to decide this is what we’ll do and nothing will get in our way. To me there’s no other way to live, but what’s great about this life, we all choose our destiny with every decision we make.

Life isn’t preplanned, you don’t have one choice from a higher power, we all choose and although I believe there’s something out there more powerful than us, something watching over us, I also believe we’re given free choice every single day we wake up.

Following your dreams

Following Your Dreams

Show Notes for Following Your Dreams

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  • The new podcast that I did myself without the radio show
  • Setting up your life so it feels like you’re always on vacation
  • being able to work wherever you live
  • Moving to Los Angeles
  • Coming Home
  • Following your dreams

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