EMB #155 Stay Healthy on Vacation

Stay healthy on vacation is the weeks episode of Exploring Mind and Body.  I recently went on a trip to Santa Monica, so I wanted to share with you some of the tips I followed to stay healthy on vacation.


  • Living a healthy lifestyle all the time
  • Preparing a head of time
  • Booking a kitchen
  • Planning on farmers markets
  • Look to places that are active, the beach, gym’s, yoga, walk, bike

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Top 6 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Living a healthy lifestyle #1

  • How you eat, how you exercise, how you live which also includes your thoughts
  • If you don’t exercise at home small chance you’ll exercise on vacation
  • People look forward to vegging out or sun tanning

#2 Plan before you go

  • I’m not a planner but realized how important it is
  • Book a place with a kitchen (save money, feels more like home)
  • Look for farmers markets, talk to farmers, meet people
  • Stay next to grocery stores in case you have to walk
  • Talk about uber
  • How will you get around, walk, bike, bus
  • I walked miles each day
stay healthy on vacation

Stay healthy on vacation by visiting local farmers markets

#3 Stay active

  • If you live a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t matter where you are, you still work out
  • Working out makes me feel better
  • It gives me energy, self confidence
  • Find different things to do, this goes with planning ahead
  • yoga, pilates, bikes, roller blades, conventional gyms (venice beach)..change your environment, hikes (talk about our hike)
muscle beach 1

The infamous muscle beach in Venice, Ca. There’s placed to workout everywhere, doesn’t matter where you’re at.

#4 Preparing your own foods

  • So earlier I said prepare by booking a kitchen – huge advantage, save money, make yourself feel better.
  • Teach the kids how to cook
  • Make it fun, give everyone a chance to prepare a meal
  • You don’t have to go out every night,
  • just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to eat out every night
  • Bring lunches and snacks with you


#5 Find other things to do

  • So when the sun goes down and there’s nothing really to do find something
  • This doesn’t have to be a time to turn the tv on or put on a movie like we do at home
  • If you’re in a different area go and explore
  • 3rd street promenade
  • Concert at the beach
  • Exercise at night
  • Go for a long walk
  • Game room

#6 Enjoy yourself

  • Everyone enjoys themselves at different levels
  • Find a happy medium
  • Eat chips, drink beer but stay active
  • Make healthier choices when out at a restaurant
  • You’ll pay for them later
  • Stomach or digestion issues
  • Not feeling well
  • Have dessert but sparingly

Thank You

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