EMB #151: Living Gluten Free

Today I interview Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Boisvert on living Gluten Free who has personally done so for many years.  This is a growing topic that I’m actually surprised we haven’t talked about before.  There is certainly a growing number of people that seem to be getting diagnosed with celiac or are gluten intolerant which is why I wanted to shine some light on this topic.

Let’s talk about Nicole before we get started:

Nicole Boisvert is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been exploring her passion for food, nutrition and green living for over 25 years. She currently works at Community Natural Foods as the Community Engagement Coordinator educating corporate groups, schools and the public sector on whole food nutrition and living a healthy and sustainable life. Her role includes community investment work and innovative program development with local businesses and not for profits groups. She currently sits on the advisory committee at S.A.I.T. Polytechnic for the Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles Program. She is also a former board member of the Celiac Association, Calgary Chapter. She has a passion for all things outdoors especially hiking and running. She is an avid cook and loves to try new ingredients and develop new gluten free and raw food recipes.

Living Gluten Free with Nicole Boisvert

Living Gluten Free with Nicole Boisvert

Show Notes

  • What is Celiac Disease
  • What’s the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease
  • The biggest challenges with living a gluten free lifestyle
  • Eating out, what to ask for, what types of restaurants to look for
  • Reading ingredients
  • Looking to whole foods

Living Gluten Free is certainly an important topic, I hope this show gave you lots to think about and valuable information in case you’re considering living a gluten free lifestyle or if you’re gluten intolerant in any way.

A special thank you to Nicole for taking the time to come and talk about this subject.  She clearly has tons of information to share, and we really appreciate her coming on to do so.

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All the best in YOUR gluten free lifestyle!

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