EMB #152: The Truth about Protein Supplements

The Truth about Protein Supplements

Protein supplements is the topic on the edition of Exploring Mind and Body, more specifically I’ll be talking about Complete Truth Protein.

*Here is an excerpt from the show transcript that I thought would be beneficial for you to read*

Food Above All Else

Because I believed in food so much I knew this this product I would design had to come from food, not chemicals or pharmaceuticals. And because more supplements I’ve ever take were so hard to read and understand I knew the product I would set out to design would be easy to understand and easy to read by whomever picked it up.

Some people really enjoy the detailed story of me actually designing Complete Truth Protein, which I’ll only touch on here, but if you’re interested in the complete story it’s written in a recipe book which I offer for free found here.

As I began to experiment one thing led to another and I finally came up with hemp hearts because of all the nutritional benefits not to mention it’s a complete protein which means it has all the essential amino acids you’d find in a meat. And then there’s quinoa, which is a also a complete protein and it also has other benefits I was looking for like slow digesting carbohydrates to name the main reason I chose it.

The Problem with conventional supplements

So here’s the problem with most conventional supplements, I’m talking about the clean ones here. They’re isololates. Which doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy, what it does mean is they strip all the natural nutrients from the original product, they take away quality calories (remember I believe clean calories actually heal), they take away healthy fats, fibre and more. They are also usually processed at high temperatures which means some of the nutrient are destroyed. Again there’s nothing wrong with this if you’re looking for a protein isolate. The problem is many people think protein will keep them full longer, they think they lack protein in their diet, which certainly isn’t the case, we lack nutrients.

A secret you may not want to believe

Let me tell you a secret, all those people that tell you you need more protein in your diet, they’re wrong. Listen for a second, most of you listening are from North America, we in North America consume more meat products i.e protein, than anywhere else in the world. We consume steaks in one sitting that would feed an entire family. And are we the healthiest countries around, far from it. In fact if we’re talking about America, it’s quite the opposite. But here we are thinking and listening to the masses that say, you don’t have enough protein in your diet. It’s absolutely ridiculous if you think about it.

What we are lacking is nutrients, we lack clean calories that we now fear, that actually speed up our metabolism and help us burn body fat, we need healthy fats for brain function, joint function and to burn bad fats; we need carbohydrates to fuel us with energy all day long. We wonder why we’re drained and stressed, lack motivation and ambition when we give our bodies and minds nothing to work with.

the truth about protein supplements

Complete Truth Protein

Show Notes

  • The story of Complete Truth Protein (CTP), how I designed it and why
  • What’s wrong with other protein supplements
  • Why we don’t lack protein
  • How much protein should I consume?
  • What it’s like to bring a product to market
  • What the health food industry is like
  • What direction CTP is going

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The question I’d like to leave you with: What’s you’re favorite protein supplement?