Top 5 Nutrition Myths

There are so many nutrition myths out there, so much misconception, so many ‘perceived truths’, which I why I decided to put down my top 5 nutrition myths. There is information coming from every angle, but is it valid, is because ‘we’ve always done it that way’, or maybe there’s even truth to it. Regardless, let’s stir the pot a bit and give you something different to consider.


Top 5 Nutrition Myths

#1. Gatorade 

‘For hydration and electrolytes’ FALSE! – Gatorade has toxics, colouring, sugar and more. Any product that has ingredients you can’t read, pronounce or spell, I highly recommend staying away from.

#2. Dairy Milk 

‘Milk does a body body good’, for many this is false as well. Now I’m not saying everyone should stay away from cow’s milk or dairy products but if you have digestion issues, if your child has sleep issues or if you get nasally after your morning bowl of cereal or glass of milk with dinner you should consider trying a different type of milk.

Course whatever issue you may have doesn’t always have to do with milk or dairy. We should consider everything we put in our body and learn and understand if it’s harmful or nutritional. Milk is at the very least worth considering given it’s in the top 3 allergens in most lists.

#3. Meat Protein 

‘You need meat protein to gain muscle’ FALSE – today we have more vegan athletes than ever which include bodybuilders, long distance athletes and more. You don’t need meat protein in every meal and you certainly don’t need protein from meat to gain muscle.

#4. Counting Calories 

Counting calories could very well be the least positive thing you do for your health. Every calorie is not created equally. More times than not, counting calories does more damage than good thinking we’re doing a good thing for our body for example when we consume ‘100 calories’ or proceed food for example thinking it’s healthy because it only has 100 calories.

#5. Supplements 

This one may be hard to believe but in most cases supplements do more damage than good. No question low quality, cheap and discounted supplements are detrimental to our health, increase toxins and are simply harmful.

Look for good quality supplements or stick with food and get your nutritions from whole foods.

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