EMB #259: Drew Taddia on Stress and Detoxing

On this show I’m joined by Adam and Shoshana Chaim from the Plant Trainers podcast who actually interview me on this edition of Exploring Mind and Body

Drew’s passion for baseball led him to research about nutrition and workouts to help him stay on the field longer and move up the ranks from College to the professional level. He started experimenting with his own body and tested which food made him quicker, stronger and what foods would even help him heal quicker.

He eventually discovered that plant-based nutrition can make a big difference in his performance as an athlete. He became stronger, healthier and even slept better. He started to have more mental clarity than ever. The secret, all the while, was the food that he was putting into his body.  This eventually led him to design “Complete Truth Protein“, which is a whole food supplement.

Now, he is now a full time health and wellness advocate hosts his Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show is author of “Detoxify Yourself“and has a new passion of helping other live healthy lives.


Show Notes:

– grew up in Canada

– goal as an athlete to be a college athlete

– went down to California played college ball

– started to experiment with own body.

– researched about nutrition, workouts to stay on the field longer.

– plant-based nutrition

– common misconceptions on becoming an athlete

– toxic food can cause stress

– genetically modified food

– alcohol, tobacco, soy, coke, redbull

– greens can energize you in the morning

– fruits and vegetables

– non-gmo foods (fruits and vegetables)

– foods you can afford – locale farmers

– access to organic food

– Drew’s green smoothie ingredients

– stayed away from dairy

– injuries roots from stress on our body

Detoxify Yourself 

Are you looking to Detoxify Yourself, live a life free of toxins, full of energy, alive and rejuvenated?! More details about Drew’s best selling book Here.


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