EMB #115:Tips to improve your health

3 tips to improve your health is today’s topic.  We’ve very fortunate to have some special guests joining us on Exploring Mind and Body today, so let’s start off with a brief introduction for both of them.  Colin and Eden are from feedlife.ca, are both food advocates and are going to share some of their knowledge with us today.

Eden is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary artist and has a love for plant based healing.  Colin is  musician, photographer and a mind body practitioner.

Eden Colin

For more details about Colin and Eden you can click here.

Colin and Eden wanted to share with us ways to improve your health, things that they do everyday and with how they explain these simple tips you too can improve your lifestyle, start to feel better and appreciate how beneficial small steps can be.

The top 3 things these two would like to share are (written by Colin):

1. Green Juice – we are very passionate about green juice and its amazing detoxification effects as well as by combining the right ingredients, it can be a great source of protein.

2. Mindfulness Practice – both Eden and I are Yoga Teachers and practice regularly.  We also do a lot of meditation and mindfulness practices so we’d like to offer information on that subject.

3.  A Raw Meal a Day – Having an enzyme rich, raw meal gives your digestive system a break and delivers massive amounts of quality portent and nutrients.

So as you can see these 3 tips that Colin has given us aren’t so crazy detailed and exotic that they’d be impossible to do.  Throughout the interview they talk about making things easy so even beginners can take progressive steps forward.  One of my favorite parts of this interview is when Eden told me you don’t even need a big fancy dehydrator to prepare raw meals that they teach.  This was a breath of fresh air to me because although I do own one of those dehydrators I hardly know how to use it.  Personally I experiment with raw food days and find it very hard to find something that tastes good and doesn’t have 50 ingredients.  Eden assured me I’m not alone and goes on to explain how their classes address this issue that so many have.

Mindful practice is one of my favorite tips we talk about in this interview because I’m often talking about it in some way.  It nice to hear Colin and Eden both practice themselves and instruct other on how to practice mindful exercises weather that be writing or deep breathing exercises.  I couple videos I recently put together which we touch on in the interview are my perspective on meditation and also the benefits of releasing mind clutter.

And the other topic in which we actually began our interview with was about green juice.  I’m a big smoothie person but don’t do much juicing, although I’m sure you can blend veggies as well, but this is certainly a subject I’m not ‘seasoned’ in.  I thought it was cool to hear cucumber and celery actually make a complete protein.

So those are some quick tips about how to improve your health that we went over in the interview.  Colin and Eden are both very busy with their classes and everything else they have going on so I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to share some of their time with our listeners/readers and myself.  So thank you both so much for coming on the show, I hope you enjoyed it as well.

And to those that tuned in,  thank you so much for your time, I hope these tips to improve your health did exactly that, I know I learned a lot from this short interview and just being around people like this and feeding off their energy is beneficial in a big way.

Feedlife has a special offer going on right now for their online course called Become Plant Based, for 50% off!  The total is $49 with that deal.

Become Plant-Based from Feed Life on Vimeo.

For more information about Colin and Eden:

You can follow them on twitter and you can also find them on facebook.

The show is below, hope you enjoy!

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