EMB #114: How to reduce stress

How to reduce stress is something we all look to do at some point in our lives.  It seems like there is always stress in some way, in some fashion, throughout our lives.  There’s mental stress, physical, emotional, and undue stress which are all connected.  Today I’m going to talk about all different forms of stress, how to reduce stress and even how to prevent it.

Unknown Damage of Stress

The biggest problem with stress is, we don’t know exactly how much damage it is doing to us.  Personally I believe stress is the root cause of many things; anything from major diseases to getting the common cold.  It’s hard for me to believe our immune system gets run down that much by not wearing a jacket when the weather is cool; enough so we’re stuck in bed for a couple days, which I’m sure many of our mothers or grandmothers use to say.  Don’t get me wrong I’m sure weather plays a role in weakening our immune system but far from causing a full blow sickness.

Emotional Stress

Regarding emotional stress,  I can give you countless examples of how an athlete was dealing with a problem off the field whether it be management or family issues and soon after was dealing with a physical issue, in most cases an injury that kept them from playing.  I promise you, this was no coincidence.

Stress and Food

Then of course, as most of you know, I direct most things back to food.  The stress we put on our bodies from what we’re eating alone is enough to set someone back a couple years, which is exactly what we do.  Some of us walk around like zombies with no energy and no ambition all the while eating foods that suck the life right out of us, leaving us weak both mentally and physically to fight off anything that may be foreign to our body.

We could let anything stress us out couldn’t we?  Think about it, one thing that causes stress to someone doesn’t bother another, one that causes an emotional wreak may inspire another.  There’s money, kids, jobs, families and more.  There’s really an unlimited amount of things that cause stress.

So what do we do?  It’s no secret stress is all around us, how do we reduce stress, what can we do to make it go away and move on from every form of stress we encounter throughout the day?  So let’s go over those, let me give you some ideas on what causes stress, how to address each and every one of them and get rid of these stresses for good; and not only that but prevent them from coming back next time around.

The very first thing we should do is address whatever it is that’s bothering us.  I know that sounds simple, maybe too simple to be affective, but that fact of the matter is, many of us walk around stressed out and have no idea why.


  • How do we know we’re stressed out?
  • using writing to reduce stress
  • using non-conventional forms of meditation to reduce stress
  • What food causes stress
  • foods to avoid and foods to consumer to either prevent or treat stress
  • Top 6 tips on how to reduce stress


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