EMB #116: Corporate Health

Corporate health is the topic this week because the subject has come up a lot lately.  It seems like there is a growing interest from men when I talk about Detoxify Yourself at book signings.  It’s also something that’s often on my mind especially because many of my friends work in big office buildings for large corporations.  Knowing that I had a connection with this demographic and having a personal friend who is exactly that I thought it would be great to bring him on for an interview.

Justin Goble and myself met in high school and stayed in touch ever since.  Every once in awhile Justin asks me for advise on nutrition and workouts, so I know he lives a healthier lifestyle and is usually trying to make changes and better choices as he improves his health.  Justin manages a team of 14, he also manages a team of 3 at home with his wife and 2 small children; that may be pushing it, I’d imagine his wife does the managing at home but nonetheless, having a full time career and a full time family choices can get difficult concerning health and fitness.  In fact, one of the biggest concerns I hear when personal training or running fitness classes is how little time everyone has to make better choices.  Given the fact Justin fits that protocol of running short on time he still finds a way to make better choices and I brought him on the show to tell you how he’s able to that.

As you’ll find out in the interview Justin makes time to workout in the morning before his job starts.  He gets up a little earlier, that way he doesn’t have to stay late after work and miss family time with his wife and children.  He also often packs a lunch instead of being tempted by going out and making unhealthy choices.  When I asked him what motivates him, much like most people he said the results is what keeps him going.  He feels better about himself having dropped some weight and inches, his clothes fit better and he finds himself with more energy throughout the day when we works out first thing in the morning.

At the end of the show Justin shares a message that you too can make changes in your life, you can make better choices, all it takes is a little knowledge and effort.  It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate job or any other job, all you have to do is make that constant effort, figure out what works for you and enjoy the benefits of staying fit, being active and improving your nutrition.

This picture below was sent to me by Justin from his office.  This is him making an effort to choose better nutrition choices.  He adds Complete Truth Protein, which gives him added nutrients to his meals; and he also inspired me to write more about corporate health for men which can be read here.


Hope you enjoy the show.  If you have any questions or comment please leave them below, I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.