The Power of Accountability

The Power of Accountability is incredible because it seems as though with a little accountability we could accomplish great things. This topic came because of a story I want to share with you coming from one of my clients. Now most of us know the pressure of being in a work environment where co-workers and even customers and clients are bringing in all types of goodies, treats and unhealthy snacks. So my clients to me when someone offers them something unhealthy, they say ‘no thank you, if I eat that, I’ll have to tell Drew I ate that’.

I thought this was so simple it’s genius. Here’s the issue, many of us know what it feels like when we eat something unhealthy. We feel guilt, we usually get a sugar boost, then a crash, have little energy and struggle to get through the day. There’s a good majority of people that actually want to avoid this but problem is, we have so much external pressure to try this or eat that so we don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Show Notes:

  • work towards creating a supportive environment where ‘treats’ aren’t welcome
  • find someone to be accountable to: it could be a trainer, nutritionist, friend of family; they could even be made up!
  • supportive community within cross fit
  • supportive community in athletics
  • let your friends, family and co-workers know you have a trainer that you are accountable too
  • Don’t keep you healthy living a secret!
  • avoid outside pressure and stand your ground
  • adult bullying
  • fitness partners
  • the problem with external rewards
  • find a new support group, find new friends to spend time with

In order to achieve something you’ve never had, you must be willing to try something you’ve never done – Thomas Jefferson 

The Power of Accountability

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