Chasing Material Possessions 2

It’s funny how we spend out entire lives chasing material possessions isn’t it? Then we wake up one day, we’re a little bit older and wiser and we figure out material possessions don’t make us happy. The only thing that makes us happy is family and friends and what we contribute to the world. But that doesn’t matter now, now does it.

We want bigger houses, fancier cars, shinier jewelry (the ones that come in the blue box). All the while all we’re doing is masking who we are, we’re hiding behind material possessions thinking more things will make us happier when all the while we know deep down, new things doesn’t fulfill any deep need or want we’re looking for.

Show Notes:

  • hiding behind toys
  • we don’t get to take anything with us when we leave
  • why does money make us feel more secure
  • how we plan for retirement
  • we always want more, bigger, better, shinier
  • where will you be in 5 years
  • stop waiting for retirement to enjoy your life
  • what would we do with our lives if we didn’t chase material possessions
  • nothing material makes us happy

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material possessions 2


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