EMB #194: Energetic EyeHealing

This interview on Energetic EyeHealing with Dr. Roberto Kaplan was an absolute pleasure. I’ve been looking for an eye expert for quite some time and feel so fortunate I came across Dr. Kaplan.

Here’s the issue, we as a society accept our eye health to decline as we age, which isn’t much different than our expectations regarding our overall health.  I wanted to find someone that had the same beliefs as I did and could explain how we can actually improve our eye health naturally. I’m quite certainly, I wouldn’t be able to find anyone better for the job.

In this interview Dr. Kaplan explains our mind and body is connected to our eyes. He talks about how our eyes are like a computer print out with a message to share and what’s more, how eye issues or dis-ease is a signal communicating for help.

Energetic Eyehealing

Show Notes:

  • Exercises vs Practices
  • how our eyes weren’t meant to stare at a computer phone or tablet all day
  • how were weren’t actually taught how to improve our eye sight
  • why the color green is medicinal to our eyes
  • what is your relationship to your eyes?
  • how our mind set is conditioned by media
  • emotional survival strategies
  • how eye coaching can help
  • the eyes are a computer print out
  • the eye is 10% of the process of seeing
  • 90% happens behind the eyes
  • how much light is shining through your eyes
  • place an eye chart behind your computer and test your eye strength throughout the day

6 Steps to Naturally Improve Your Health

  1. Every 20 mins remove your eyes from your computer screen – look to the 4 corners of your computer, take deep breaths for at least 1 min
  2. Look or ‘Zoom’ your eyes out the window (something green is recommended) or focus on a green plant in your office.
  3. Close your eyes, rest them and take deep breaths
  4. Gently place your fingers over your eye lids
  5. Stretch in your chair
  6. leave the room for a bathroom break

Links and Resources:

Dr. Kaplan could have the most intriguing mind I had the pleasure of looking into. What really took me away was how he believes that our eyes give us messages, how if there is something wrong with our eye sight there is something else wrong with our health and how our eyes are actually trying to tell us something.  My favorite verse from his book:

“The Presence of Disease is a signal of a deeper event of the body and mind that is communicating for help.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to be on air with us Dr. Kaplan, it was absolutely my pleasure. For more information on Dr. Kaplan and how he can help naturally improve your eye sight please visit Beyond20/20vision.com

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