Stay on Track While Visiting Family

Stay on Track While Visiting Family and friends is a challenge most of us have faced at one time or another, and for some it’s a constant struggle. Because there is so many challenges when visiting family and friends when you’re trying to make lifestyle changes for your health, I thought I’d put together 5 tips that will help.


#1. Be Up Front

The best thing you can do when making lifestyle style changes which include starting to workout or be more active on a regular basis, or making healthier nutrition choices is to be upfront. Tell your friends, tell you family. You’ll need them for support at one time or another so don’t hide this from them.

This will make traveling to their home for a gathering that much easier. They’ll know ahead of time that you are making these changes and will most likely accommodate.

#2. Bring Your Own Food

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a dish of your own. Even if your family or friends decline, bring something anyways. Tell them you felt bad not bringing something and this way you know there will be at least one healthy option there.

#3. Eat Before You Go

We all know what it’s like to starve ourselves before a big gathering because we know there will be tons of food there. Remember that many times the food choices aren’t healthy, which is why it’s important to eat something before you go.

If you eat something before hand you won’t be so inclined to overindulge in the not so healthy appetizers and even meal.

#4. Plan to Leave at a Certain Time

We know very well that at the end of a meal and especially late into the evening they don’t bring out healthy snacks, drinks or alternatives. This is a good time to leave and if you plan before hand this won’t be so difficult when the time comes.

#5. Have Food Ready for When You Get Home

If you have food ready for when you get home you won’t stick around for that extra dessert, you have an extra serving of mashed potatoes and gravy thinking you’re not going to eat again before the night is over, because you have a meal planned.

This tip right here will change your entire outlook so be sure to have a meal ready for when you get home.

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