EMB #252: Skin Health with Katrina Chaytor

We are lucky to have Katrina Chaytor today as she talks about the importance of taking care of our skin in this day and age. Especially if we are approaching the mature age of 30 and above. She works as a Medical Aesthetics Assistant for Dr. Jackson at the Silverfern Aesthetic and Vein Clinic and she fell in love with the skin care aspect of it.

She, herself, is curious about how to keep her skin healthy, supple and wrinkle-fee. She’s been a skin care professional for the past 7 years now. She sympathizes with their patients as they get emotionally affected by their skin and feels accomplished if she can help them get past through their skin problems.

skin health with katrina chaytor

Show notes:

  • most patients are those with acne at their mature age
  • acne solutions from simple to complex systems.
  • acne prevention
  • why some acne solutions are better and cost-effective in derm clinics than otc drugs.
  • skin treatment suitable for each age group
  • supplements are helpful
  • skin regimen
  • sunscreens
  • collagen
  • anti-aging must-haves
  • prevention and treatment combined
  • peptides
  • one-stop shop clinic

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