EMB #253: Benefits of Hemp

More than a year ago, Cyndal Johnston, was on a maternity leave with her 6-month old son, when she stumbled upon a great business opportunity of selling hemp. The more she researched about hemp, the more she was amazed about its benefits that she started taking for herself and her family.

Now, she is a proud owner of HempE (Hemp Enthusiast) and has been a local distributor of hemp products ever since. She has discovered the versatility of hemp plants and now has a full health and beauty line, accessories, food products and recipes from it. You can find her contact details at the bottom of our show notes.


Show notes:

  • benefits of hemp products
  • crazy story of her jaw
  • how hemp helped his family
  • owner of hempe.ca. hemp-enthusiast.
  • how hemp can improve your health from environment to anxiety
  • how she started taking hemp oil capsules.
  • was looking for a business opportunity and saw hemp oil in her timeline.
  • tried hemp herself.
  • suffering from chronic jaw pains. after taking hemp oil caps, 3 days later she had no pain.
  • husband suffering from fibromyalgia. hemp oil did help with his irritable bowel syndrome and has helped with the pain.
  • 3 things about hemp that inspired her company HempE.
  • we need cannabinoids receptors (hemp) to simulate our endocannabinoid system to produce cannabinoids.
  • we make cannabinoids through breastmilk.
  • hemp oil and her and her family’s skin care
  • she had acne. hemp has comedogenic rating of 0 which is not pore clogging. lubricates skin cells.
  • her son has eczema. formula made it worst. she decided to breastfeed exclusively.
  • HempE and its variety of hemp products. (full health and beauty line. plastic-replaceable products. clothing line. hemp food products.)
  • opportunities for independent distributors in HempE.
  • how to reach her:

Websites – www.hempe.ca ; www.thrivelife.com/hempe
Voice 403-846-5221
Email cyndal@hempe.ca

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