EMB #187: Simply Raw

In this interview I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Christina Ross author of Love Fed who talks about living a simply raw lifestyle. Christina begins the interview by telling her story of how she became a raw foodist. She was encouraged by her now husband (Alex) to follow her love and passion and this is where she was brought to (as an author and food advocate). After a two week challenge Christina immediate began to feel the benefits of mainly consuming raw foods which had her hooked! Those two weeks turned into a lifestyle and now an educator or living raw.

simply raw

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Christina Ross (from her website):

My healthy relationship with food began when I first met my beloved Alex back in spring of 2008. For Alex and I it was love at first sight, the healthy food, on the other hand, took a bit more time, but grew on me with every bite. Every morsel of whole plant based food had a direct impact on my energy levels, attitude, outlook and consciousness. This sudden awareness of the true powers of food really spun my life around in the most positive direction. I began falling in love with feeling great and knew that I had to keep making the right food choices to ensure I remained vibrant and inspired. Eating plant based foods became a no brainer. Once I began feeding my body with vibrant food it began responding in positive ways from weight loss to true vitality, I was hooked. Find more about Christina here.

Show Notes:

  • Raw food doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’
  • incorporate as much raw food as possible and pay attention to how you feel
  • I asked Christina what the hardest part about writing her book was, she said it was her pregnancy
  • Christina wanted cooked food at points as well so she encourages you to not be so hard on yourself
  • Favorite part of the book was creating recipes and remembering childhood memories
  • Christina talks about failure and how she deals with recipes that don’t exactly turn out as expected
  • She used to juice daily but now juices once a week (for the week) because of her new baby
  • having a ‘no excuse’ attitude
  • Christina talks about how her child won’t ‘have’ to eat a raw diet but will be able to make their own choice

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