Going after your dreams

Given that March Madness is here and it’s Final 4 season, I wanted to talk about athletes, dreams and not letting anything get in your way.

I feel that far too many of us have the mind set of ‘sometimes life gets in the way’, which I’ve actually personally heard before. To be quite honest, I feel like those words and mind set is a cop out or an excuse to really put yourself out there; to jump in with two feet, 100% no questions asked.

I talk about crying as an athlete both for being happy and disappointed. I understand this is a difficult concept for those to understand that haven’t been athletes at a high level or those that have never sacraficed absolutely everything to go after their dream.

Personally I feel it’s important in life to understand what it’s like going after your dreams, there’s nothing else like it and something we should all experience.


Show Notes:

  • Being ahead and avoiding procrastination
  • less stress
  • March madness
  • knowing what it’s like to be an athlete
  • putting everything you have into your dream
  • ‘sometimes life just gets in the way’
  • my own experience with jumping in with two feet
  • how most of us are scared to take a leap of faith and give everything you have to one goal one dream
  • less than 2% of athletes turn pro
  • I talk about how someone sent me a message, that because of this show they’re going to take a leap themselves

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All or nothing attitude 

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