10 Day Vegan Challenge 4

We’re starting a 10 day vegan challenge this will be in the form a private group detox. In this show I talk about why I decided to try vegan for a 10 days, which turned into a little more than two weeks at the time this show was recorded. It’s fun to try new things, be a part of a group and work towards different avenues of a healthy lifestyle. So I thought, why not welcome others to try our 10 day vegan challenge.  We start April 13th so if you’re interested let us know right away!
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Show Notes

  • Why I decided to go vegan myself
  • It’s fun to experiment on your own body with healthy choices
  • If you’re not feeling well I suggest going vegan or even raw, so why not try it all the time?!
  • The most difficult thing about trying new things or making different food choices is family, friends, co-workers, etc that don’t approve
  • How I believe you can eat meat products for animals that are treated well
  • By products of animal consumption
  • Improving the environment by eating vegan
  • Improving our health
  • why going vegan isn’t a huge stretch if you consume a mainly plant based diet
  • What the private group includes (supportive group, a place to ask questions, a place to go for support, a place to post pictures – you also receive: recipes, grocery shopping lists and a meal plan for the 10 days)
  • The issue with most vegan and vegetarian diets
  • What about protein?!
  • Why soy products will NOT be included in this meal plan

10 day vegan challenge

Show links and resources

If you’re interested, there is a complete detailed post on our 10 Day Vegan Detox Challenge here.

And if you’d like to sign up (by donation only) you can do so by clicking below.

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4 thoughts on “10 Day Vegan Challenge

  • John Scott

    I started vegan diet 10 day ago and would love to be part of this program to learn for others . It has been great so far . Thanks John

    • Drew Taddia Post author

      Hey John! You’re more than welcome to join our Vegan Detox Challenge, in fact we’d love to have you! You can sign up on the blog post above if you like, or if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Looking forward to working with you!