5/5 – Should I be sore after a workout

5 Tips in 5 minutes on the question: Should I be sore after a workout?

The show answer is yes, you should be sore after a workout, the longer answer is, you don’t need to be sore after every workout.

In this show I explain the following:

Being Sore is Actually a Good Thing

At times when I’m working with a new client and ask them, where you sore after you first workout?, emphatically the response is NO. So I understand none of us want to be looked down upon or looked at like we’re weak or out of shape.

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sore. In fact, if you haven’t worked out in a long time or just started a new program you should be sore.

should I be sore after a workout

You Don’t Always have to be sore 

The other side of the coin is those people that think they didn’t get a good workout in if they aren’t sore the next day. When your body gets in better shape it’s actually harder to make your muscles sore. So, like tip #1, there’s nothing wrong with not being sore after every workout.

You Should be Sore

The truth is you should be sore once in a while, this actually helps you gain results by continually confusing your muscles and forcing progress. So don’t be afraid of being sore, welcome it but be okay with it if you’re no sore after every single workout.

You’re not weak or terribly out of shape when you’re sore after a workout 

This tip goes along with the last few. There’s no need to feel like you’re terribly out of shape if you’re sore after a workout. By changing your workouts so you’re sore from time to time we’re able to avoid progress plateaus.

Change it up

It’s important to continually change up your workouts so you actually are sore once in awhile. Change up your workouts from day to day, every couple weeks or even from month to month. The more you change up your workouts the better off you are.


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