Processed Food 9

The topic on today’s tip is the stress we put on our bodies by highly processed food.

We put an incredible amount of stress on our bodies by eating highly processed foods. I’m talking about everything from breads and pastas to chips and crackers. It would be a good idea to remind ourselves that there is usually toxins in the form of sugar, food coloring, msg, fillers, additives and other preservatives in these foods to make them look good, taste good and keep the on the shelf as long as possible which rarely means they’re healthy for us.

When we consume these highly processed foods that contain a number of toxins we’re putting an enormous amount of stress on our bodies over all, and that’s not even to specify when we have digestion issues, more directly acid reflux or indigestion, headaches, allergies like nasal issues, out of the blue headaches, and even sleep issues.

The list goes on and it really is unlimited because there’s no cut and dry way to determine exactly how detrimental stress is to our overall health.

We could look to anything from the common cold to major dis-eases that all directly link to the stress we put on both our minds and bodies by consuming highly processed foods.

So what’s the answer, look to whole foods, look to food that is the ingredient instead of products that have ingredients. Find local farmers markets and support your own economy, this is a safe way to know where our food is grown, how it’s cared for and the way it’s prepared. Stay to the outside of grocery stores and avoid those boxes and bags that have endless ingredients, ones that we can’t read or pronounce no less.

And finally be sure to take small steps to improve your health. Small is sustainable and if you want to create lasting change instead of the quick fix or crash diet, small and sustainable is the only way to go.

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