Airport Frustrations

So today I’m talking about airport frustrations because I recently took a trip therefore I used airports and airlines and I’ve got to say, they frustrated me more than anything at this point.

It seems like they are always charging your for something. I remember when you used to get free meals with a plane ticket, which of course wasn’t free, they worked the price of the meal into the ticket.

They used to give you ear phones, a blanket and even friendly service once in awhile. Now it seems like you have to pay extra even for service.

This last time I was sitting on the plane and they let you watch tv for 10mins before they cut it out, in which you had to pay for extra tv. That’s right, no tv, no movies, no anything except an extra bill if you want anything ‘extra’ which used to be free.

airport frustrations

It’s hard not to be affected by airport frustrations. I missed a connecting flight because we were late taking off so I was stuck in the airport for 6 hours. Course I had to eat, not first of all they don’t have too many option, I found none which were quality. On top of that they charge you double sometimes triple the price you would pay outside an airport. I don’t understand, it seems like they don’t care what they charge because there are no other options there.

Regardless of the experience in airports it’s hard not to be upset in some way with how things are run. It’s a business, airports are a business, airlines are a business but for the most part they don’t seem to understand we pay for employees salaries, we pay for a business to stay open, we as the consumer should be happy with a service and to be quite honest with you, I don’t see have the majority of people are happy with the way airports or airlines work.

Is there anything that frustrates you about airports that you’d like to share?