Post Workout Nutrition

Post workout nutrition is a subject that often comes up because it seems like, at least for the most part, people don’t know what to eat after a workout. I wouldn’t say there’s a cut and dry answer, I mean every health and fitness person is going to tell you something different. However, what I can tell you is we need to stop putting so many detrimental toxins in our body that is doing more damage than good.

The issue is, they put a sports figure on a Gatorade bottle and we think that professional athlete uses it, instead of simply getting paid for it. We buy tons of protein supplements that have more toxins and chemicals than anyone could count. We buy products you can’t read or pronounce and we don’t think twice about taking them.

In this show I talk about how one of those bright blue post workout nutrition shakes gave me terrible headaches but I continued to take it until I couldn’t handle them anymore. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be an athlete and to be willing to make significant sacrifices to my health for size, speed and strength. But the fact of the matter is, I became a better athlete when I became healthier and started to pay attention to exactly what I was putting in my body.

One of my favorite shows is when Mark Ysseldyk talked about the importance of hydration on a past Exploring Mind and Body. He understood the industry so well, and knows very well there’s a lack for real hydration drinks on the market that he decided to create his own called Honey Maxx.

Post workout nutrition comes in many different forms, one of my favorite ways to get nutrients back into my body is through a number of different whole food, natural choices that don’t come in any type of container that I can’t read our pronounce.  If you’re really concerned about your health, weather it’s performance as an athlete or simply living better you should really consider what you’re putting in your body as your post workout nutrition.

post workout nutrition

Do you know what you’re putting in your body?

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