EMB #169: Farming Food and Healing

Farming food and healing is the title of this show and I brought on Seann Bardell on to talk about his experiences with each. I believe you’d be hard pressed to find a more traveled, educated man in these fields which is clear from all he’s done and everywhere he’s been.

farming food and healing

Farming food and healing with Seann Bardell

In short Seann has been active in the holistic health movement since 1970, he has degrees in both education and zoology and actually won a lifetime teaching award. And one of my favorite parts of his highlighted career is his time spent as a public health officer in the peace corps in Micronesia on the island of Yap.  This is where Seann’s knowledge and experience came from studying and living with a civilization that ate from the land, who didn’t use herbicides and pesticides and ate wild animals fresh from the sea.  Seann explains how the culture as a whole (of Yap) has far less chronic disease than we do in North America.  You can have a look at Seann’s full bio here.

As you’ll find out in the interview Seann has tons of knowledge on the subject and is happy to share through his experience what he learned and what his company has to offer.

If you’re looking for more information on Bioimmersion you can click here.

Thanks so much to Seann from coming on the show and sharing his knowledge with us, and thank you for tuning into another show of Exploring Mind and Body, all the best in your life directed towards farming food and healing.

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