EMB #235: Overcome Binge Eating

Binge eating is a major topic because we all do it in some way or another. We could have serious eating disorders or we could have trouble picking up a bag of chips and not finishing the whole thing. Whatever it is we all deal with binge eating on some level which is why I want to discuss how to overcome binge eating.

In this show I go over 4 levels of Binge Eating, which include understand stress and how your stress levels contribute to binge eating.

Emotional eating goes hand in hand with binge eating which it’s why I’ll talk about that next. Self sabotage is also a major subject that needs to be addressed and finally we’ll go over letting go of the past, and help you understand what’s weighing us down and how to let go.

Overcome Binge Eating

#1. Stress

If we can understand that stress is the main reason we binge eat then we’ll give ourselves a better opportunity to overcome bing eating.

It’s so important to work on releasing that stress valve with consistent and conscious effort because we don’t have a natural stress release. Writing, getting away, talking about your stress, and especially exercise are all ways to help you reduce stress which will ultimately help you overcome binge eating.

#2. Emotional Eating

Emotional eating goes hand in hand with binge eating. If can better understand when our emotions are high, look to find different outlets similar to stress relief then emotional eating won’t be such an issue.

#3. Self Sabotage

We have to understand that we are worth it. Doesn’t matter who we are, what we’ve done or what we want. We are worth it and we deserve to happy, healthy individuals that enjoy life. Self sabotage has a whole lot to do with how to overcome binge eating.

#4. Letting go of the past

Anyway you look at it, the past holds us down. Anger, fear, not accepting who we are or where we’re at in life holds of back because of what happened in the past. By letting go, find outlets like breathing exercises or meditation we can focus on what pain we’re still holding on to.


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