5/5 – Relationship Weight Gain

I wanted to talk about relationship weight gain because the truth is, it’s easier to gain weight in a relationship. I want to thank Dallas for bringing the topic up and asking me to offer my insight on the subject.

In this post I’m going to give you 5 tips in 5 minutes on relationship weight gain, why it happens and why it’s easier to gain weight when you are in a relationship.

I would like to note before I get started, I’m not saying you will gain weight if you get in a relationship, I’m just saying it can be easier. And of course you may find the exact opposite happen if you get together with someone who loves working out and eating healthy because then you can do this together and live healthier, however that’s rarely the case.

relationship weight gain

5 Tips in 5 Minutes:


When you find someone you enjoy being with many times its enough to simply be with them. You don’t have to go out, buy dinner, dress fancy. You simply enjoy each others company which means you’re perfectly comfortable doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching a movie.

The only downfall to this is, not only do you go out for dinner less but you tend to go for walks less, or other other activities that helps burn calories.

Self Imagine 

Let’s be honest here, you found your love, you’re in a relationship and many people get ‘comfortable’ with their self image. No doubt a positive, we should all strive to be comfortable in our own skin, be confident in what we look like and have a positive self imagine.

However, if you gain a few lbs you notice it less. If you eat an unhealthy meal, no big deal, sweat pants and a sweater lounging around won’t show the pizza every weekend for a month anyways. If you miss a few workouts, you don’t think about it much because you’re cozy at home and aren’t going out as much anyways.

Lack of Support 

We feed off of each other especially in a relationship. If one person doesn’t feel like eating a healthy dish it’s much easier to say, ‘fine let’s order take out’. If one person doesn’t support your workouts for example then you feel guilty leaving the kids with them.

Having Some Help

We know what it’s like not to have any help. You have a job, kids, then you have to prepare meals and all by yourself. Lack of help seems like you’re trying to run in quick sand while someone is standing there watching you. What’s worse is if it’s a loved one, and you can’t figure out why they won’t help.

Support and help mean everything, unfortunately if you don’t get that help, it’s much easier for you to skip that healthy meal, toss a frozen pizza in the over or have microwave popcorn for dinner instead.

Extra Time

Extra time isn’t something we have. In the last tip we talked about family, kids, job and a spouse…one that likely doesn’t help to boot. So we certainly feel we don’t have time. We don’t have time to make a grocery list, plan our meals for the week, plan our workouts or go to the gym.

It’s time consuming to do all these extra things, and it’s much easier to simply skip it all together.

But Wait! …..There’s Hope!

I understand relationship weight gain, in fact I see it all the time. It could be a friend you haven’t seen for a number of weeks or a number of months and you finally see them and can’t figure out where that 10lbs came from. A new relationship would be a good guess.

Not all relationships cause you to gain weight but it is common especially if you don’t have that support with or from them.

But there is hope and that’s why it’s so important to find a supportive community to be a part of. Of like minded individuals that want to live healthy, that can offer that support, that ask and answer questions. A supportive community means everything ESPECIALLY if you don’t have it at home.

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