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So many times in life we put ourselves last, we don’t believe we deserve to be better or live a better life, and more than anything we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves. This love yourself detox is to show you that you are worth it, that you deserve to be happy and healthy and that you do have time but more so, that you are able to make time for yourself.

This love detox is an absolute eye opener when it comes to the way you treat yourself. Truthfully we treat our one body, the only body we have like a waste dump. We walk around more stressed out that it’s hard for us to think straight, we snap at the littlest things because we’re worried about everything else; we rarely sleep because of stress, the toxins we put in our body and with what we surround ourselves with being noise and our environment.

It’s time take some time for yourself, it’s time to show yourself you can make time, you do have time and it’s time to help yourself understand you are worth it!

10 Day Love Yourself Detox


I have been making some small changes in my life and when I came across the Love Yourself Detox I thought it was a great opportunity for me to make myself a priority. The changes I made in the last 10 days were simple to do and some of the things I will continue to do. It was a great way to reconnect and center myself. This is a very gentle and easy process and I felt amazing when I was done. I highly recommend this detox, you deserve 10 days of self love!

Show Notes:

  • You are worth it
  • You do have time
  • prepare everything first
  • make yourself a priority
  • why a 10 day love detox
  • stop putting everyone else first
  • we treat our bodies like we don’t even like ourselves
  • we have one body
  • we don’t know what’s like to be toxin free
  • how will you team me to love myself
  • daily exercises


It’s very easy for us to forget about ourselves. I’m an employee, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a babysitter…the list goes on. Sometimes I spend so much time focusing on the things I am to other people, I forget about myself. If this sounds familiar I encourage you to do the 10 Day Love Yourself Detox. It’s so easy and relaxing and affordable. The things required of the detox were things I already love to do, but rarely took the time for myself to do them. Take some time for yourself…love yourself.

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