Boost your metabolism 8

In this show I talk about how I was successfully able to slow my metabolism and gain 15lbs of muscle, which means if you do the exact opposite of what I did, you’ll be able to increase your metabolism, drop inches and lose weight. Not only that but gain energy, sleep better and feel stronger.

Show Notes:

  • How to boost your metabolism
  • How I gained 15 lbs of muscle on a plant based diet
  • My thoughts on the weighing yourself with the scale
  • My experiment on my own body of doing the exact opposite of what I teach – showing how I gained weight and how you can do the opposite to lose weight
  • How I went from eating 2,500 calories to 3,000 calories to 4,000 calories a day
  • We don’t set goals high enough
  • I worked out twice a week
  • No cardio
  • Low intensity
  • Isolated muscle groups

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