EMB #190: Take Control of Your Health

Tonight on Exploring Mind and Body, I’m talking about Taking Control of Your Health. There will come a time in all of our lives when nothing else matters but our health. Unfortunately we spend much of our lives focused on ‘priorities’ that can become so insignificant in an instant.

I talk about prevention, food, exercise, nutrition and more than anything, my experience with understanding how precious life really is and how we should protect it with everything we have in every way we can.

Show Notes:

-I don’t always feel great

-so much emotional stress that wears you down

-affects your immune system

– thoughts and mind

– wrote this on my facebook page

-The incredible family we have

-flying in

-driving in

-too many people there

-Sad to see so many without any one


– Diabetes

-our decisions create our destiny

Segment 1

I have to believe we’re in control of our own health

If not we’re powerless

We’re the victim

None of our choices matter

That’s the easy way out

Segment 2

-sometimes there are outside circumstances

– child illness

– do you exercise your heart and lungs on a regular basis

– do you put quality foods in your body that are healing

– do you fight dis-ease with every bite or are you contributing to it

-dis-ease is normal

-any time our body is not at ease we fight dis-ease

We put such a terrible connotation around disease of course we freak out and don’t give our bodies a chance to naturally heal

-we’re so scared we cram every medication we can find or are subscribed down our throats and hope for the best

Take control of your health

Segment 3

-Our body was meant to be in strong, healthy, energized state

-we were meant to sleep well

-we were meant to slowly fall asleep as the sun down not with a screen in front of our face

– we were meant to slowly get up feeling rested, healed and rejuvenated

-not half away, jumping out of bed late to an alarm clock, blaring music or all the lights on in the house

– here’s what happens, we put ‘food like substances in our body’

-we’re filled with toxins

-we don’t sleep

-we’re stressed out

-meanwhile our body is in over drive trying to heal, fight dis-ease and work against just about everything we’re doing to it

Segment 4

-give your body a chance to heal with food

– it’s hard to believe how many people don’t eat

– we don’t eat breakfast

-we don’t put quality nutrients in our body

-we’re not able to lose weight because we don’t give our metabolism a chance to run

-because our body stores toxins

-and try sleeping on an empty stomach – eating late at night


Segment 5

Are you the one laughing in the corner

Are you turning your nose up at smoothies – family story

Are you the lunch room bully making fun of someone trying to make healthier choices

Heart attack, stroke, and other major dis-eases start many years before you’ll ever see them

-they’ve started right now in our loved ones

-the ones that choose not to make better choices

-the ones that choose to laugh at others

Segment 6

You have a chance to change, you can make better choices, you can heal your body before it’s too late

Our bodies are incredible beings, that can heal and rejuvenate, grow new cells and more.

Think about your loved ones, think about who will be sitting next to your bed, think about if you have someone that will never leave, not even after visiting hours are over, not even after not sleeping for days

Don’t be the victim of circumstance, take control of your health, take response-ability (break down the word)

You have the ability to respond, the only question is, will you?

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