EMB #173: Long Time Listener Interview

It means so much to have long time listeners and actually know about it. Dayna Holloway has been listening on and off to Exploring Mind and Body with her 9 yr old daughter Leah, for quite some time.  They get together for ‘tea time’, drink peppermint tea, listen to the show and talk about life afterwards.

Dayna has a pretty cool story herself with the ways she was raised that we talk about in the interview and I love some of the ideas Dayna shares that she’s doing with her own children to give them an advantage in health and in life.

Long time listener interview

I really believe children are our future and when I heard Dayna tell me about how she listens to the show with her daughter on a regular basis I was taken back. I thought, how could 9 year old be interested in hearing about health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle? But Dayna assured me this was a time they enjoyed together as they stayed up a little later to hear the show and then talk about life.

I really can’t explain how touching it is to hear that this show could positively affect a person or family in such a manner. Then I think about the advantage in life Leah has to learn about such real topics at an early age, “she’s got the world by the tail”! That was actually a phrase Dayna’s father told her at a young age.

It was pretty cool to hear Dayna talk about how her father would teach her about life and how to be an ‘achiever’ and move forward in a positive manner herself. That’s a circle of life someone could appreciate. Dayna was taught life lessons by her father, now Dayna takes the time to talk and listen about improving their quality of life with her daughter and I’m sure Leah will do the same. Seems like such a perfect cycle.

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to Dayna for giving me such an inspiration to move on with the show and what I do in general. Hearing from people like Dayna and how this show can influence lives gives me more hope than I could explain. And to know that I have the opportunity to influence our younger generation as well is something extra special.

Thank you so much for coming on the show Dayna, for sharing your story with us about how you were raised and for sharing some cool ideas and tips on how you raise your children, it certainly is my pleasure.


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