Making Decisions

I know it’s not easy making decisions, I know most of us usually want someone else to decide, but I don’t think we realize how important making decisions are.

First of all decisions form our destiny; where we work, our financial situation, our family, where we live. Absolutely everything is determined by the decisions we make. When we stop making decisions, if we don’t exercise our decision making muscle than we slowly have more and more difficulty making decisions for ourselves.

There are different ways to make decisions, in fact we make decisions all day when we’re by ourselves. Which email to answer first, who to call on the phone, which personal trainer to hire. These are usually what we think of as simple decisions that we make all the time but when it comes to a group of people we don’t want to be the one to make decisions anymore.

I like to try a couple of different things when it’s time to make a decisions if there’s more than one person. Let’s say you’re trying to decide on a movie, I say, you pick three movies and I’ll pick one of them. That way both of you are making the decision, you both contribute and you both find a little gratification in exercising your decision muscle.

I think many times we don’t want to be at fault if your decision doesn’t work out, but that’s rarely the case. If the movie is bad we rarely are blamed for it, if the restaurant we pick has less than satisfactory food, we’re not exactly blamed for it, we usually tend not to go back instead of point the finger. So if you really think about it, there really is no down side to making a decision.

If fact there’s a sense of empowerment by making decisions, that’s why there’s so many people that have to be the decision maker. If you’re right you feel great that you had something to do with a successful night and if it doesn’t work out there’s always next time and something else to do or another place to go.

And lastly remember that decision making is like a muscle, the more you use it the more comfortable you’ll be doing it and the stronger you’ll get which means the better you’ll get at making decisions.

making decisions

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