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How to Create Lasting Change is an important topic because deep down that’s what we really want. We need to figure out how to make changes that last. We’ve all been on some sort of diet where we’ve seen results quickly, unfortunately those results that come quick, usually leave just as quickly.

So in this post I’ve put together some of my best tips to help you understand how to creating lasting change so all your hard work doesn’t disappear shortly after it came.

Understand what didn’t work in the past, isn’t going to work now

Many times we think back to a program or system that worked for a short amount of time, but didn’t create lasting change. We bounce from diet to fad, to latest celebrity detox, all which may show small results in a short amount of time but in the long run are very hard to stick with. This means it didn’t work, everything from weight food to counting calories.

These are rarely sustainable changes but still we have to fight our minds by thinking, ‘well, it worked for a short amount of time, maybe it will work again’. Those results didn’t last for a reason, they weren’t meant to set you up for long term success. So the best thing you can do for yourself is try to understand, what didn’t work in the past, isn’t going to work now.

Be in it for the long haul

Being in it for the long haul is a different type of mind set, which will set you up for success. Changing your mind set from ‘quick fix’ to ‘this is now my lifestyle’ will give you every advantage to create lasting change. So put the scale aside, stop counting everything you put in your mouth (in some way) and realize you’re in it for the long haul, results may take a little longer to come but they’ll definitely be here to last.

Continue to adapt 

It’s important to continue to change and adjust and adapt on the fly. Course we need to have a long term goal, but goals change too. This is a process, one that will create lasting change so it’s important you’re able to adapt your mind set, your thoughts and even beliefs. Bruce Lee would say, ‘water can change to anything you put it in, if you put it in a teapot it becomes the tea pot, if you put it in a bowl it becomes the bowl, be like water my friends’.

Give yourself a chance to change

Sometimes we’re looking for results so quickly we don’t give ourselves a chance to change. Maybe we’ve started on a new program, one much different than the past that offers slow results initially but lasting changes.

If we don’t give ourselves a chance to change, if we don’t trust in the process, we’ll have a very difficult time accepting the positive changes that are coming into our lives. So be patient, and give yourself a chance to change. Remember that, if it comes easily it usually leaves just as easily; and if it’s worth it, it usually takes a little more work.

how to create lasting change

Find a mentor or a coach

I can’t express the importance of finding a mentor or a coach. Think about how much time and effort you put into your job. Think about an expert that does something full time. The think about someone who’s just starting out, someone that doesn’t know how to do something or even how to do your job. It might be easier to understand if you use examples other than directed towards health and wellness.

If you find a mentor or a coach, find someone that does this full time, find someone that has experience works with different types of clients and has the knowledge and resources to point you in the right direction.

Many times we’re spinning our wheels for years, when all the while a trusted coach will help you get to where you want to go in a much shorter time.

Don’t stop doing what’s been working 

This is the last tip but could be the most important one. I see this all the time, we find something that works, and then stop doing it. Say you find a mentor or someone to help you out, you meet with them once a week, they have you on the right track and you’re feeling good about yourself. You decide ‘I can do this on my own’ stop using your coach and then the wheels fall off.

Now I’m not saying you need to see a coach forever, this is just a small example. What I’m saying is, whatever you’re doing has likely many more benefits than just seeing a coach. There’s accountability, there’s progress reports, someone checking up on your, someone to help change your environment….if coaching is what you choose.

Same difference with a membership site for example or even a fitness class. And maybe you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for right away but that’s why we can refer back to the top and ‘give yourself a chance to change’.

But many times we leave a fitness class, go off on our own and aren’t able to carry on. So whatever it is that you’re doing that’s work, even if it’s just a little, stick with it, don’t stop doing what’s been working, and results will come.

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