EMB #216: Family First Fitness

Family First Fitness with Guy Waltman was a great interview where Guy and I talk about the importance of  address the family first. Now we’ve all heard or talked about who should we be addressing when it comes to health and wellness. Should we try to reach the parents, should we try to reach the kids first….suppose it sounds like the ‘the chicken or the egg’ scenario where at times neither seems right at times.

Where Guy brings up the interesting topic and incredibly valid points where explains neither one or the other is correct. In fact, if you really want to reach a family you do just that, you address them all at once as a unit, as a family.

Who is Guy?

Guy is a certified personal trainer, weight-loss specialist, certified group fitness instructor, and youth fitness specialist. He is also a motivational speaker and coach for the NFL’s Fuel Up to Play 60. Guy has developed F3™ to focus on FamilyEducation, and Fitness – the three priorities that Guy believes are essential to health and wellness.

Guy’s passion stems from the incredible bond he had with his father – who tragically lost his life due to obesity.

Under Guy’s leadership, F3 hopes to forever be a source of guidance for those seeking positive lifestyle changes, while promising to fight for those who cannot help themselves.

family first fitness

Show Notes:

  • Guy’s personal story on how he lost his father
  • living in an ‘instant’ society with quick fixes
  • heath and wellness doesn’t always have to mean ‘exercise or fitness’
  • living a healthy lifestyle
  • spending quality time with family while being active
  • fitness needs to be fun!
  • turn fitness into a habit
  • make your family your supportive environment 
  • make fitness relatable

3 Tips from Guy to Improve Your Health 

#1. Nutrition – get your children involved in nutrition in any way possible. Have them help at the grocery store, prepare meals, pick snacks, etc.

#2. Manage your stress through exercise. Living in a stressed out world, we need to find ways to reduce stress so why not use the #1 way to reduce stress…exercise.

#3. Sleep. Find ways to get enough or more sleep in the evening to help your body heal and recover.

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