EMB #215: Creating a Positive Environment

Creating a Positive Environment was something that was clear to me the minute I met Jenn Santana. I walked into her studio and with her upbeat energy and enthusiasm, we welcomed me with open arms. Not only that but as her clients began coming into her studio she introduced me right there on the spot!

I immediately thought, ‘what a welcoming environment’ which is why I asked her to come on the show to talk about it. She offers a number of tips to share with you regarding the importance of creating a positive environment, and how she’s been able to build a community of her own right inside Sweat Fitness Redondo Beach!

Who is Jenn Santana 

Jenn holds 2 Bachelors Degrees from San Diego State University and has been working in the fitness industry for over 18 years.

Philosophy~By integrating a unique program of Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, HIIT and NASM strength training, Jenn is able to safely and effectively take clients to their ultimate fitness goals. Jenn trains clients in the basic functions of training as well as sports specific goals such as triathlons, hockey, football, basketball, marathons, stuntwork for films and speedwork. More details on Jenn here.

jenn santana

Show Notes:

  • Chicken nugget experiment
  • Halloween Whopper
  • Environment
  • building loyalty
  • feeling comfortable
  • being friendly
  • not always a competitive environment
  • Hire trainers that fit well with the community
  • know names of clients
  • know details about members
  • Make the customer feel important 

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More Details on the Positive Environment we’ve created HERE.