How to avoid temptation at work

Most of us know what it’s like to work in an environment where unhealthy treats are a regular in the staff room. There is sugar for coffee, donuts, candies on the desk, it seems like a never ending list. Then we have  coworkers that want us to join them for a lunch that isn’t always healthy, and other temptations in the office.

On top of that we’re stressed out, have little time for anything, sit most of the day and don’t have a healthy influence that means so much in an environment like this.

In this post I go into details and offer 5 tips that will help you avoid temptation at work.


Top 5 Tips

  • tell your co-workers
  • have a good breakfast
  • bring a health lunch
  • bring food to snack on
  • get active at lunch time
  • try to start a challenge

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