EMB #257: Benefits of Yoga

I have been loving teaching yoga in Vegreville for about 6 years. I find the reason that I love to do yoga myself is that I always feel better for it! And it is for this reason that I love to teach yoga – because it is so gratifying to be able to help other people feel better too! Prior to my certification, I worked for fifteen years in the school system as an Educational Assistant, so it was an easy transition to teaching in the studio.
I came to the practice myself for the physical benefits, as I think many in our Western culture do. But I quickly found that many of the practices, though simple, were very profound. The act of simply becoming aware of your breath and your body, and how you’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, can have such a huge impact on stress and anxiety levels. Yoga translates as yoke or union, and by simply reconnecting our physical, spiritual and mental aspects, we can come to find more balance in our lives.
I am married to Cam, and we are happy parents to six grown children and two grandchildren. We live and work on a farm south of Vegreville, as well as work together in another business. Aside from my love of yoga, I enjoy time with our family, the outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, and water sports.
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