Hiding Behind Windows 1

Course you’re not exactly able to hide behind windows but I feel that many of us try to hide in the open. We try to hide who we really are when all the while most can see right through us. And even if they can’t, think about how difficult it is, think about how much energy it takes to front a smile all the time. How much energy you spend masking who you really are.

I believe each one of us have a gift to share with the world and it starts with out own authentic selves. I feel that many of us have hidden talents that we don’t share with the world because we’re afraid of what others might think. It’s certainly not easy letting yourself be vulnerable to judgment, disapproval or naysayers.

But I’d say it’s worth it, I’d say having the courage to be yourself, to use words true to you, thoughts and even actions that are yours no matter what others think and say is special and a special gift we should share with everyone that would make this world a better place.

Show Notes:

  • Each one of us has a gift to share with the world
  • we all have our own authentic self
  • we’re afraid of being vulnerable
  • have the strength and courage to share who you are
  • we imprison ourselves
  • each one of us IS a gift
  • be who you want to attract in this life
  • stop spending your life waiting

-Silence is the Warriors art, Meditation is his sword

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Hiding behind windows

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