Internalizing – Stress, Injuries and Weight Gain 1

Personally, I believe we can look at increased stress rates, weight gain and even injuries to how we internalize issues in our lives (Internalizing – Stress, Injuries and Weight Gain). The issue is, something stressful comes up in our life, we may have been wronged, disrespected, hurt or embarrassed. The initial action isn’t the issue, the issue is how we deal with the emotions that arise from a situations like this.

Some people can let go and move on, others are hurt for a period of time and then also move on, but a good majority of us hold on tightly to those hurt feelings, and internalize them. We push this situations and these feelings down so deep we may have them inside us for years, even our entire lives without addressing them.

It’s important to find an outlet for these feelings because if we don’t this is where more stress arises, this is where injuries come from externally and this is where weight gain comes from. As we continue to protect ourselves from being hurt we’re actually hurting ourselves more. These internal issues cause frustration, anxiety, anger and more all because we internalize at a very deep level.

Internalizing Stress, Injuries  and Weight Gain

Show Notes:

  • Everything stems from stress
  • sleep
  • energy
  • where does major dis-ease come from?
  • release toxins through exercise
  • stop collecting toxins
  • pay attention to your body
  • change your lifestyle
  • do something every day to release stress
  • write
  • talk
  • spend time alone
  • go away from the ordinary
  • meditate

-Our body gives us messages all the time, it’s time we start paying attention to what it’s trying to tell us.

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