Dealing with Emotional Stress 3

Dealing with emotional stress is something that we’ll all have to deal with because it doesn’t matter how stress free we live, outside circumstances play a role in our lives. It could be family, friends or co-workers; regardless of the situation emotional stress enters our lives for one reason or another.

In this post I talk about the emotional stress in my life and how I’m dealing with it.

Show notes:

  • Spending time in a hospital
  • Supporting your immune system
  • Should those that live healthy have a stronger immune system
  • Healing quicker
  • Healing Mentally
  • Healing Physically
  • Eating quality food
  • Healing while you sleep
  • How everything is effected by your emotions, from your mood to mind set
  • Could you imagine always being emotionally stressed out
  • What if you had no support at home, with friends, family, co-workers, etc
  • What if your spouse actually made fun of you for choose healthy
  • Prevention has it’s flaws as well
  • Don’t give up on prevention
  • Find one thing you can do to reduce stress today
  • Take baby steps to reduce emotional stress

Dealing with Emotional Stress

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3 thoughts on “Dealing with Emotional Stress

  • Julie

    Hi Drew, just finished listening to this podcast about emotional stress and at the end of it my eyes filled with tears. It’s hard to comprehend how much emotional stress one can deal with on a daily basis and not even realize it. I have had my fair share of emotional stress to deal with and I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear that someone close to you has been in the hospital. I know way to well how hard it can be and I send you and your family healing thoughts:)

    • Drew Taddia Post author

      Thank you so much Julie. We certainly deal with emotional stress more than we realize. I appreciate your kind words and healing thoughts.

    • Drew Taddia Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing Julie. Emotional stress can and is difficult to deal with. I hope you’ve found a way to reduce stress and let go of some on the emotional side.