EMB #106: Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is something many look for in today’s day in age; seems slightly ironic that so many lack inspiration with everything inspiring going around.  People are doing things we’ve never seen before at a rate that’s never been done before.  New businesses open on a daily basis, new millionaires are born, new records are broken, new heights achieved and so many other things and people and products to wake you up in the morning and say, I can do that too!

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work that.  Even though small businesses have never had the platform they do today, have never had the opportunities or outreach possible they’ve never had such steep competition either.  If you can reach thousands with your new product, another company can do the same; in fact is doing the same and maybe more.  If you can break an old record, someone else somewhere else is doing the same.  Given the fact that it’s easier to reach people now, it’s actually harder to be heard.  That’s right kind of a catch 22.  It’s harder to gain trust, it’s harder to get noticed because so many people are trying to.

Finding inspiration that many have will leave just as many without; so much so we don’t see the depression rate decreasing with so many opportunities, we actually see it increasing.  Course there are other factors that contribute to depression, it’s not all centered around someone not finding inspiration.  Low quality food is at an all-time high, which brings along obesity, then of course there’s prescription drugs not only in adults but more so in children, teaching them something we should be trying to get away from, being a quick fix society; which could be all different topics on their own.  What I’m getting at is this is a long chain of events.  Just because there are so many new opportunities in today’s day in age doesn’t mean it’s easy and it certainly doesn’t mean finding inspiration is going to be easier.

Finding inspiration is important to us, it’s important to be able to push ourselves to the next level in any aspect that we’re trying to achieve.  Have to get up and go to work on a day you wish you could sleep in, another morning workout you’re not looking forward to, a prepared meal or a business meeting; it doesn’t matter what it is, what does matter it is, somehow, somewhere there has to be an inspired moment, inspired thought to carry you to and through your action.

Personally finding inspiration for me doesn’t have to be searched for much further than the mountains, which of course is convenient because I don’t live far from them.  I’m not sure if the scenery, the quietness, or the noise of rivers, streams or animals is the reason.  Whatever it is finding that inspiration is a beautiful thing when I visit; the new energy I gain almost bursts out of me, sometimes I wonder what I did without it.

It doesn’t have to be the mountains though, I’m sure many people that visit aren’t finding inspiration like I do in mountains, they might find inspiration somewhere else.  I’m so grateful I found my inspiration and I really believe if you found something that inspires you, you’d be able to achieve much more of whatever it is you want.


This is the first segment on the show, I also talk about:

  • The inspiration I found from a 6 hr hike
  • Getting through ups and downs
  • Once you’ve found success through inspiration
  • Celebrating success
  • What to do when it’s time to find new inspiration
  • Questions sent in by you that cover: What to do when finding inspiration is difficult and You think you found inspiration and then realize you want out.

I hope you enjoy the show, thank you so much for reading, thanks for listening, commenting and sharing; your support means more than I can say.  All the best in finding inspiration!

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