EMB #107: Energy and where to find it

Energy and where to find it?  There’s all types of different ways to answer this question,  let’s cover the entire aspect of how to find energy from emotional to physical because as you’ll soon find out they are closely linked.

Before we get into the details I want to thank Lindsey Dietz who is a true form member, actually this would be a good time to congratulate her, not that long ago she was awarded her 6 month True From sweater so congrats for that Lindsay and thanks so much the idea.  It’s not always difficult coming up with content, in fact I often surprise myself when I come up with enough content to fill show after show, week after week but topics are something not so easy to come by.  I wonder what will interest people, what they want to hear, what they’ll respond to; so in this case I posted the question on the True Form facebook page and asked if anyone had suggestions on what I should talk about.  We had a couple suggestions go up there that we’ll talk about on future shows.  So if you want any topic discussed here or if you have any questions you want read on air feel free to post a comment on the True Form facebook page or you can ask below in the comments are as well.

Gain Energy by working out like Lindsey 6 month True Form member

Gain Energy by working out like Lindsey 6 month True Form member


Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Diet and exercise are both key factors as to what kind of energy you have throughout the day.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a construction worker or someone who sits behind a desk all day, it’s essential to supplement your body with both proper exercise and nutrition to find energy you’re looking for.

These aren’t the only topics we’re going to cover though, I’m going to tell you about digestion and how we actually lose energy by consuming low quality foods, artificial stimulants to stay away (some that may surprise you) and foods and supplements that will actually give you energy.


Let’s start off with diet because I firmly believe everything revolves around food.  It’s important to have a balanced diet of nutrients throughout the day to give your that energy you’re looking for.  Food is fuel which is a fantastic analogy.  If we want to drive a car we need fuel, both gas and oil.  If we want to drive a lawn mower it’s no different.  Any engine that runs ie, our body, needs enough fuel to keep it running.  In this case we use food to keep our bodies running throughout the day.  In a recent interview on Exploring Mind and Body I interview Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut who talked about digestion.  He explained how 50% of our energy is taken up through digestion after a meal.  That’s 50%!  Think about that next time you have a meal at lunch time and are wondering why you’re fighting those post lunch blues around 2pm.  You stomach just took up half your energy trying to digestion whatever meal you just ate.

By consuming clean foods that are easily digestible our body takes up less energy to break it down and set it to wherever it needs to go.  In fact given that our body uses food as energy it’s extra important to eat clean foods so we use that energy instead of using too much energy trying to digest low quality foods that are foreign to the body.

And that’s exactly what they are; saturated fats, deep fried food, heavy meats, processed foods and refined sugar are all difficult for the body to recognize and then digest, so given that you now are looking for food for energy remember you still have to eat clean foods to gain energy instead of unhealthy foods that drain our energy.

high quality foods will help you gain energy

Choose high quality foods that are easy to digest to gain energy


Above was the first segment on finding energy, the rest of the show includes:

  • Food that are hard to digest that actually drain your energy
  • Artificial stimulants to stay away from
  • Supplements that give you energy
  • Foods that will boost your energy
  • And the last segment is about other things to think about when considering your energy levels which include: sleep, exercise and your environment.

Thanks so much for tuning in and having a listen or read.  I hope these tips help you gain some new found energy.  If you have any questions please ask below I’d be happy to answer there.  All the best in finding your energy!

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