Fathers Day

Sometimes I feel that dad’s get a bad wrap simply because in the recent past it seems more like single mothers are more likely to raise a child. Then of course we forget about all the fathers do a great job of raising their children. You even see more and more single father’s in the today’s day in age.

I had some very influential men in my life growing up that helped me turn into the person I am and I have friends that are incredibly caring and loving new fathers that are going to raise the bar for the next generation of parents.

I feel like in this day in age there’s a whole lot of pressure to be a parent. I truly believe we are products of our environment so will it being the norm to get married young and have children what’s one to think even they aren’t sure or aren’t ready to be a parent.

You have peer pressure, you have society’s pressure of a common thought of ‘you’re unhappy if you don’t have someone to love’, ‘you’re missing something in your life if you don’t settle down with children, and then you have the ‘free spirits’ or ‘lost souls’ that travel the world or want to wait to settle down.

Now I’m not letting anyone off the hook here, we’re all responsible for our own choices but I believe many times not only fathers but mothers get pressured into started a family when they aren’t ready for one. Or maybe don’t want one at all.

Marc Allen said, why don’t we have a day for single people, we celebrate fathers day and mothers day but nothing for those that choose not to have children.

Personally I feel that we as individuals (for the most part) do the best we can with the circumstances we’re given. There is so much anger and frustration by now grown adults that have had parents leave them at a young age. If we could all understand that maybe all of us parents weren’t ready to have children and those that did, did the very best they could, maybe we could let go of some of that anger and frustration and forgive.

Forgiveness will take us much further in life than, resentment, hate or anger.

fathers day

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