EMB #198: Opening to Meditation

It was an absolute pleasure having Diana Lang on show to talk about her book Opening to Meditation. We haven’t actually had this topic on the show before which I feel is kind odd except that I feel that we were actually waiting for Diana’s interview.

It’s an absolute breath of fresh air to hear Diana’s perspective and how she talks about meditation. How 5 mins a day is okay to start with, how there are many different forms of meditation and to hear the passion and enthusiasm in her voice as she explains the unending benefits that meditations has to offer.

Diana Lang is the author of Opening to Meditation and the owner and director of the Lifeworks Center for Growth in Los Angeles, where she lives. She is also active in a variety of nonprofit international efforts to teach meditation and yoga. Visit her online at www.dianalang.com

Opening to meditation

Show Notes:

  • What is Meditation?
  • do we just sit there and try not to think?
  • Why do we fear meditation?
  • Being alone and how ‘Alone = All One.’
  • Be in the space between breaths (this was an incredible explanation that everyone should hear.
  • Why do I (Drew Taddia) meditate for 30 or 40 days, stop, then go back to it and wonder why I stopped in the first place?

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Final Note:

I just want to thank Diana for taking the time to come on Exploring Mind and Body.  This book is small, compact and more than anything, efficient. So many of us struggle with meditation, even those that understand the benefits of it (like myself). This book is perfect to help you understand how to get started and carry on your journey to improve your health.

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