Quality Over Quantity

In this day in age I believe most of us have the mind set of more. We want more things instead of considering where it will go after it breaks and how the environment will be affected. We want bigger, louder, better when we don’t think about quality over quantity. What about less instead of more and keep the ‘better’?

Can’t we find better things that are better quality instead of finding the cheapest whatever on sale, throwing it away when it breaks and buying a new one? Most of us have clothes in our closet we don’t use, we have basements and garages full of things we haven’t pulled out in years and all the while we feel having more is better.

And I’m not just talking about the thing we have, I’m talking about the way we go about life. What about looking at better quality food because it will give us the energy we need, what about a quality workout which could be shorter and efficient and you could get more out of it because it represents quality not quantity?

If we think about quality just for a moment, weather it’s clothing, cars or relationships I think we’ll find a better way of life. And who knows, maybe even improve our environment as well.

quality over quantity

Show Notes:

  • What the things you have represent in your life?
  • Computers
  • Clothing
  • Workouts
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Think of your higher self
  • Perfect practice makes perfect (not practice makes perfect)
  • Be efficient in the gym
  • stop wondering why healthy food is expensive and consider why junk food is so cheap
  • work on yourself first (the rest will come)

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