Q & A: Exercise Hydration Nutrition Stress

In this short Q and A sessions Troy interviews my on a few different topics which include Exercise, Hydration, Nutrition and Stress.

Q & A with Drew Taddia -Instagram


  • Make a plan
  • Find a professional
  • Find a way to continue your inspiration and motivation at this time


  • Most of us walk around dehydrated
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • You should be going to the bathroom throughout the day
  • Drink filtered water
  • If you don’t like water flavor it with fruit or fresh herbs
  • Stay away from toxic additives


  • look to quality food first or the quality of your food
  • put quality food in your body before and after workout
  • look to plan based food


  • many of us walk around stress out most of the time
  • Exercise is the #1 way to reduce stress
  • low quality food stresses us out
  • family, friends and co-workers can all stress us out
  • look to quality food, exercise and take some time to yourself to reduce stress

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